FookBair 2015

Veranstaltung zur Buchmesse
FookBair 2015 @ Städelschule
Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015, ab 10 Uhr, Dürerstrasse 10

Print is not dead, it just looks canny. So what?
Join us for the inaugural fookbair at Frankfurt's matchless Städelschule this Sat Oct 17th. Twelve+ hours to celebrate the resurrection of the book and its analog orphans. Fakers, fellows, fetishists, folks +++ Think Bāzār. Think Ballroom.

Starting off at 10am with Easter trouble press, re/search, Leesmagazijn, Fucking good art, Ztscrpt, Spector books, Dancing foxes, Textem, Archive books, Monokultur, Zero sharp and many others.

Plus: Live Lectures, Films, Music by Traumawien, Sic Sic Tapes / Mmodemm, Ricochet, Scriptings Achim Lengerer, Alexander Tillegreen, Merve, Spector books, Leesmagazijn, Bernhard Cella

Plusplus: 10pm: "One reynaldo’s revenge" on the Most Excellent and Lamentable Conceited Tragedie, of iuliet and her romeo, and one Mercutio his friend, and the Friar who advised true lovers to False Death, made true, etc., as it will be publickly acted by the DysHonorable pure fiction seminar and its purple vein’d faire assembly, under the deu’l’d Aegis of the STAEDEL and FookBair – a Mishapen Chaos of welseeing formes, soales of leade, bright smoake, cold fire, sicke health – fiddlestickes prepar’d in Chopt Logicke. What is it else? A madnesse, most Discreet, a choking gall, a marue’lous treat – Farewell my Coze. with vntimely appearances by Laura Marx and Paul Lafarge. 30 minvtes of borrow’d likenesse & kindred Deathe. Shut vp yr windowes, locke faire daylight out, and make yrselfe an artificiall night: Doest thou not weep?

Drinks & Drunks & Music till dawn

Die Veranstaltung FookBair ist eine Initiative des Merve Verlags.