Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez: The Seasons in Retrospect
Dienstag, 8. April 2014, 19 Uhr, Aula

Michael Sanchez’ lecture "The Seasons in Retrospect," extends certain themes of his essays from the past few years, using television, fashion and contemporary art as case studies for examining the connections between the infrastructure of post-seasonal distribution and models of risk management.

Michael Sanchez is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University New York. He has lectured at numerous institutions, including Princeton University, Boston University, Städelschule in Frankfurt, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Frick Collection and Artists Space. His writing on contemporary art and media has appeared in Artforum and Texte zur Kunst, as well as anthologies and exhibition catalogues published by Sternberg Press, Wiener Secession, CAPC Bordeaux, and Arnolfini Gallery Bristol.

He is currently at work on his dissertation, which draws on original archival material to trace some of the key elements of the contemporary art dispositif back to the Rhineland circa 1970. His project articulates the interconnections between four apparently disparate phenomena that emerged at this moment: jet infrastructure and the circulation of artists (Konrad Fischer); discursively-oriented  post-studio pedagogical techniques (Joseph Beuys); new market structures such as the art fair and econometric analysis of art distribution (Willi Bongard); and curation as cultural technique in the practice of independent contemporary art curators.

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt.